Mahigaon Irrigation Project is located in the Udainagar Tehsil of Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. This minor irrigation project was planned and executed to create irrigation potential for a predominantly tribal community from a few villages that are located at the extreme end of Dewas. Geographically, it is located in the sub- basin of lower Narmada River in the West Nimar region. The area lies between latitude 22o31’5’’ N to 22o 28’ 6’’ and longitude 76 o 06’ 34’’ E to 76 o 07’ 45’’. Situated between the Vindhyachal mountain range and the Narmada valley, the area has both- a hilly topography and a plain area. The underlying geology of the place varies from the catchment area to the command area. The major rock system that forms a part of the aquifer is basaltic while the aquifer system lower in the command area is made of hard sandstone. This area has an equal mixture of black cotton soils and sandy loam soils. The average annual rainfall that this area receives is 922 mm and it is spread over four months from June to September. The average potential evapotranspiration rate for the area is high at about 2100 mm. Consequently, the soil moisture zone remains completely dry for about 90 days in the summer period.