The vision of the Water Practitioners Network (WPN) is for all stakeholders to work towards equitable access to safe water, through generations. For this the WPN hopes to bring together and set up a policy dialogue those who have deeply engaged with threads that tie to water with a view to influence the forces of the people, the state and the market.

Secondly, the network of practitioners put together is a huge storehouse of valuable experience of working on the theme of water as common pool resource.


Hence, within the group of water practitioners themselves, there is the possibility of cross-learning from each other, which the network could facilitate. Consolidation of experiences would help various constituents of the network to think in terms of expanding and scaling up their efforts, individually and collectively.

Thirdly, at a much broader level, there is the need to embed the idea that water is a common resource and is part of an interlinked ecosystem within the social fabric. For this, water education has an important role.



There are very few universities or institutes in India which try to articulate a holistic and integrated view of water. The WPN would identify such educational institutions and try and work towards embedding the ecosystem understanding of water in their systems and processes.



Thematic symposia

 Film Screenings

Sessions with policy makers

Exposure visits to practitioner's sites

State level workshops with government departments

National Meetings for 2-3 days of water practitioners organised at a central location
Regional meetings of stakeholders – two day meet to be conducted at a practitioner's site
Workshops and Exposure Visits

​Open forum discussions