India is the largest user of ground water in the world. Ground water is the lifeline for millions of farmers and is also the single most important source of domestic water. However, in recent years, India is facing a serious crisis of depleting water tables and falling water quality. The tubewells which ushered in the Green Revolution in India have now become the primary cause of the water crisis  because we have used them in an indiscriminate and injudicious manner, ignoring the nature of the aquifers within which ground water is located. Participatory Ground Water ManagemenPGWM is an attempt to factor in the nature of the aquifers and careful crop water budgeting into the extraction of ground water in a collective manner by groups of farmers co-dependent on the same aquifers.


Shaping the contours of groundwater governance in India - Himanshu Kulkarni, Mihir Shah, PS Vijay Shankar